Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmass Lab 6 Ho-Ho-Ho

This lab 6 was a blast! The Christmas theme I feel was really enjoyable for the students, especially the younger students. When we first got to St. Mary's the students were more interactive with us and it was fun talking to them about Christmas and what they asked for. After we interacted with them for a while we went to our stations in which my lab group had Pre-K. During our session with he Pre-K we had the students color in a Santa clause, Christmas tree, and a snowman, after that we had them tape there colorings onto a poster in which they can keep up in there class until Christmas. I feel this was a good gesture to give back to St. Mary's and it is also good for the students to come in and show off there work to parents and peers.
      After we did readings and activities in the Pre-K room I had some parachute games in which were all Christmas theme names such as snowball fight, igloo, Santa in the chimney. These games that I put on for the students were awesome. Just looking around and seeing the smiling faces on there face was a sense of accomplishment. It made my lab partners and I feel good.
      I feel that the parachute games were a real hit and I will definitely use it when I go out and teach in a district. All in all the labs at St. Mary's was a real treat, it taught me many things that I will carry over to other classes and gave me an experience that I know now that I definitely want to be a physical education teacher.
      I can not wait to help assist labs next semester for 201, should be a real good time!