Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing first day at St.Mary's

Lab 1 write up

      The first day at St.Marys was amazing. At first walking in and having all the energetic kids running around made you think what you are in for. But right after we got into groups and started interacting with kids it was worth the nerves that I had in the begging.
      At first when I was watching the kids I saw that they were all interacting with there classmates. They were laughing, playing with silly bands, and playing some hand games. Everyone seemed to be in a good positive mood. They seemed happy to get out of the class room and into an environment in which they know activities will be held shortly.
     Some of the activities that went on were a tag game that was taught by the lab leaders. There skill levels were still developing as you can see when observing the students. On the other hand you can pick apart some students that had a little more skill levels then others, and students that might be able to skip or run in a better sequence and more proficient then there classmate.
    One student in particular that caught my eye was a student named Sasha. The students manipulative skills when playing with the toys were incredible. The student had the ability to perform task that are hard to most of the class mates and age groups around her. The student put beds and chairs into a play house, opened up small doors, and set  up a kitchen table with Small toys that including milk, oranges, and bread. As you can see in the pictures I  tried to interact with the students and engage with them in there imaginary ways.
      The overall success of the first day was great. I enjoyed my time and never looked at the clock in a way in that I want to get out of this place. I can not wait to go back next week!

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