Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Hero Lab 3!

Lab 3 write up

The activities and games there were taught during lab 3 were extraordinary. It seemed that everybody is now getting use to the students and the environment in which they are teaching. This in part is due to the little things. The confidence levels are rising and the teaching strategies are being used to get the students attention. Though occasionally there are minor slip ups it all seems to be flowing better.
For lab 3 my lab group had the cafeteria. These students were older then the pre-school students we had a couple of weeks ago for lab 2. They seemed to be more into playing sports and being competitive as for the pre-school who just wants to play with toys and maybe color here and there. The Cafeteria group was fun however. From playing kick-ball, soccer, and football it was a blast. One thing that I felt went great was when the cafeteria group went into the gym. Usually they just want to do their own thing and not be bothered by the college students but that was not the case in Lab 3. Instead I asked them if they would like to play a game like capture the flag. They all seemed excited about it and were willing to play. Yeah, there were two students that were not that interested but more than 50 % wanted to participate, and isn’t that what we want as teachers?
See full size image                I first started the game by giving simple instructions to the students, I had them sit down and listen to what was going to happen. To get their attention I used a simple teaching strategy. I said “if you can hear my clap your hands once, if you can hear me clap your hands twice, aright now touch your nose? Now touch your toes!” This got their attention and now they were focus to listen. I then explained the game and we started to play after I used a cue, and the cue was to start when the music starts. This game went on for about 15 minutes and in the middle of the game I stopped the participation for 1 minute and I added more balls to the mix so they had more opportunities to take the opponents balls in the modified capture the flag game. They all seemed to enjoy the activity, and after it was over I let them have their free time so that they can play the football and soccer games they wanted with their other peers.
                Overall I think this lab went really well and it was See full size imagealso really fun. I enjoyed teaching and participating with the children during activities and it made me feel good that they were happy and enjoying physical activity. Can’t wait for next week’s lab!

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