Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving at St.Marys (lab 5)

Another amazing day at St. Mary's!
Lab 5 write up

        Lab 5 at St. Mary’s was a blast. It was a thanksgiving theme and the activities that were put on by everyone went really well. My lab partners and I had the gym group. We had a total of 28 students and at first it was kind of overwhelming. However as time went on we started to get use to it and adapt to the large class size. This was one of the biggest afterschool program.

With the huge after school program I felt that the activity I taught went okay, it was not great. It was hard because the amount of students. Some would just not want to do anything and did not want to listen. And when you have some students like that it makes the other students feel the same way. But I tried to work through it and I though in the long run it went well. The activity that I thought went okay was mash potato dribble. The students had to go around and find potatoes and once they found one they had to look under the potato and there was a number in which they then had to dribble the basketball on the potato to mash it up for thanksgiving dinner. The problem with this was trying to get the students to run around while the music played. The students on the other hand seem to stay in one place and did not run around with the ball while the music played, this caused little action time during the activity which I did not want to happen. But you learn from your mistakes and move on.

After we taught our games to the students we went outside and played tag and kickball with the students. It was fun because since I been going to St. Mary’s for the past couple of weeks you start learn names and how the students act. And they start to respect you more when you ask them to do something.All in all I think lab 5 went well, though I felt my game was not that great I still had a blast, and I cannot wait for Lab 6 in 2 weeks!

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