Monday, November 8, 2010

Spooky Lab 4

During Lab 4 my group had the special projects section. During this section of Lab 4 I went around taking pictures of all the other groups and there Halloween costumes. It was fun going around and watching the other groups either read to students, set up activities, and get involved with students. I saw a lot of positive things while taking pictures of the after school program at St Marry’s. From Halloween costumes, to fun and excited games it was a real treat to be able to witness the adventure of all the groups. I took well over 150 pictures during the time I was at St Marry’s. There was many costumes that got the students attention and it was fun seeing them all asking questions to the lab groups.
            One group that caught my attention while taking pictures was the Pre-K. This group read a bunch of books to the Pre-K and all the students seemed to be focused and interesting in the readings. The costumes were great, there was a clown, doctor, whoopee cushion and an X-men character. The students enjoyed watching the lab group read the stories as they were dressed up in awesome costumes.
            With the Pre-K doing a great job with the students there was also another group that had great activities going on. I captured a lot of pictures from the cafeteria group. They had games that looked like the students were having an amazing time. There was one game in which you can see in the picture with the basketball on the cones that the students had to throw balls to knock over the basketball. Each time the basketball was knocked over that team received a point. This was a fun game, and to go even further about talking about this group is that they modified the game so that there was more difficulty for teams that had an easy time at a certain range of throwing the ball to hit the target. The lab group moved the cones back which had the basketballs on it and now the teams that mastered the throwing of the lesser distant now had to throw the ball farther at the basketball which gave them more of a challenged and it seemed to me that these teams were having a fun time at the far distance.
            While mostly taking pictures the whole time I did have a game however that I taught to the students. The game was called “trick or treat” and the object was to get the candy which was foam balls from one house back to their house without getting tagged. I took this idea off capture the flag and modified it so it fit the Halloween theme. At first some of the kids were not into the game and I had only 5 students left at the end of the day. But I got the students to play and I put some of the Cortland students on the St Marrys side so that the teams were even. My plan at first was to have the  St Marrys students vs. Cortland students but like I said some students went home for the night They all seemed to enjoy the game and at the end even the Cortland students were getting a sweat on!
            This lab was a blast, even though I was a photographer it was fun watching the lab groups take control and put on fun and exciting games!

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