Monday, November 8, 2010

Intense first Lab at St.Mary's

Lab 2 write up
What a day at St.Marrys last Monday,

     Going into St.Marrys for our first lab the other day was kind of nerve racking. I was hesitant on whether the students would like the costumes my group and I wore. But after dressing up and walking in the students seemed to enjoy it. This made my nerves calm down and made me ready to start interacting with he students. My group which is name the locomotors were with the Pre-K. We read a book with them, had snack, did a little bit of coloring and participated in an activity called "pirate Ship" and "Treasure Map". I feel that the day went smooth, and the transition to one location to the other was pretty well planned. However the coloring was cut a little short since the students had to use the bathrooms to get ready for snack time. When this happen my group and I did not really know what to do next so we waited until they were finished up with snack to keep interacting with them.
      While snack was going on, I left the room to start setting up the gym for the activities I had planned for them. It was fun knowing that I was in charge and it was an activity I could change and make it age appropriate for the class. Getting the equipment out and setting up made me realize that this is something I would love doing day in and out.
      Once snack was over the student came into the gym, I had them sit in front of me to start the activity. One thing I noticed when pre-k students sit is that they have to be so close to their peers and barely give them any breathing room. So with his I had them put out there elbows and if they were touching someone next to them they had to slide over until the elbows did not touch any more. Once I got everyone situated, I began describing the activity, they seemed interested because my group was dressed up and we had a poster and treasure chest next to us that they were dying to get in. After I finished explaining the activity and checked for understanding we began to have some fun. The students while playing the game loved running around, and laying on the floor and hopping up and down. They all were laughing and enjoying the moment during the game. After that activity was over we did one more in which it worked on directions and pathways. This game was not as enjoyable to the other game but at the end of the treasure map game, there was a treasure chest in which they could take beads and gold.
      One thing that I would have done better when I was teaching is that I was talking a little too fast. This in turn can caused students to miss an important step and may cause a injury. Also I when I line students up to go to another location I will have them stand on a straight line in the gym and not just say “Stand in a straight line behind one another”. The visual line on the gym will help them get organized better and faster and be a more efficient way to get the students rolling and not wasting time in transition.
    All in all I think it went well. I had a great time and I also think the student did as well. I did learn some things to do next time, and as we keep interacting and engaging with he student I feel you can only get better by learning more and more each time.
Lab 2 write up link.

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